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Barkers Landing Subdivision began in 1972 under the name La Cour Du Roi (The King’s Yard).  It was to be a gated, single entry, private golf course community with lion statuary guarding its entrance.  The original developer encountered financial problems, and within a few years Hood Development Company had bought the property and changed the name to Barker’s Landing On Memorial.  Barker’s Landing was built in sections between 1977 and 1989, first with townhouses, then patio homes, then full-size homes.


Barker’s Landing comprises three subdivisions with a total of over 400 homes:  Barker’s Landing, Barker’s Court, and Barker’s Place.  Each entity has its own homeowners’ association.  The three associations contribute on a pro-rata basis to maintain common areas and support shared services.


The administrative agent for all three homeowners’ associations is Transitioning to Crest Management, coming soon more information.


The Barker’s Landing Community Club (BLCC) is a social club for all residents.  The Club requests a voluntary annual membership fee of $10 per household in order to vote on any BLCC issues, you must pay dues. Of course all living in the neighborhood are invited and welcome to any and all events and meetings of the BLCC. The Club uses its funds to help beautify the common areas.
You can read the BLCC bylaws by clicking here.


BLCC sponsors social events (see listing on the last page) and publishes this bimonthly bulletin.  Each year it publishes a Barker’s Landing Directory containing not only a listing of residents but also a wealth of useful information about the subdivision.  Volunteers, including BLCC Block Captains, sustain all these neighborhood activities