Welcome to Barkers Landing

The initial development of Barker‘s Landing began in 1972 on 120 acres of land which was formerly a gardening nursery.  Plans were for a gated, single entry, private golf course community called La Cour Du Roi (The King‘s Yard).  Only a few homes were built before financial difficulties were encountered and, in 1975/76, ownership of the property changed and a new name of BARKER‘S LANDING was given with plans of a single entry, gated community of townhomes and patio homes.  Evidently, sometime around this change the lion figurines, which had previously guarded the entrance, were retired. 

Barker‘s Landing is comprised of three subdivisions—Barker‘s Landing, Barker Court and Barker‘s Place.  Initial construction of these three began in 1977.  Each has its own homeowners association and Board of Directors. 

Barker‘s Landing presently has 363 homes, Barker Court has 40 homes and Barker‘s Place has 24 homes.    All Barker‘s Landing communities‘  maintenance assessments are payable annually by January 31st.  These fees are used for 24-hour security patrol, utilities, administrative services and for maintenance of the common areas, swimming pool, tennis courts and irrigation system.  Barker Court and Barker‘s Place are separate subdivisions with individual homeowner‘s associations and maintenance fees and share, on a pro-rata basis with BLHOA, the applicable expenses for common areas, security patrol, etc.

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